“The greatest tragedy in the Church is an ignorant laity” (paraphrased from Cdl. Saint John Henry Newman, arguably the greatest Catholic apologist of the 19th century).

-WHAT IT’S ABOUT: The program will include dessert, adult-oriented catechesis (religious instruction), fellowship & conversation, and Benediction. You can come to any session; the programs stand alone; you don’t need to attend all of them to understand what’s going on; join in anytime.

-TOPIC: Learn the Faith with this series based upon the Baltimore Catechism. This program is designed to be a straightforward, from-the-ground-up, presentation of the Catholic Faith. Beginning with fundamental philosophy, this is a sort of catechesis which the modern Church has all but abandoned, but this form of catechesis was used with great effectiveness with previous generations.

-WHEN & WHERE IT WILL TAKE PLACE: It takes place in Saint Benedict’s parish hall, 307 West Main Street, Decorah, Iowa. It will run the 4th Monday of the following months @ 7 pm: August, September, October, January, February, March. Program will end each time @ 7:45 pm with Benediction; thus, this program will be short, SWEET (dessert!), and educational.

-WHO’S DOING THIS: Sponsored by the Knights of Columbus, but this is NOT limited to members of the Knights of Columbus. All people are invited!!!!!!!!!! Feel free to invite friends, acquaintances, and family members. Remember: What you don’t know CAN hurt you!

-HOW MUCH THIS WILL COST: There is no cost to the participant, but a free will offering will be accepted. Money will be used to help defray costs and to give to local charities.

-RSVP: Contact us at to let us know if you’re planning to attend so that we can have the right amount of dessert, beverage, and catechetical materials. Call [(five six three) two seven seven zero zero four three] if you have questions.

-CHILD CARE: Although child care will not be provided, feel free to bring children along.

-WHY THIS IS BEING DONE: It has become clear that adult Catholics are sorely in need of education in the Faith. This program seeks to help in this area by being stimulating, engaging, relatively brief, prayerful, enjoyable, and yummy.

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